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So. My last 2 posts were kind of depressing. I’m in a better mood since then. I had a pretty great day today. My sister emailed me last night to apologize and make sure that we were okay, which I really appreciated. As well, quite possibly my favourite show in the history of favourite shows has begun again. Oh Jack Bauer, how I have MISSED you!! 24 is SUCH a good show. If you are not already watching it, SHAME ON YOU. You should. I also went to pick up my OSAP today, and learned that I was overcharged in September and am getting almost $300 back and because I drastically reduced my hours at work I may be able to get even more OSAP. HOO HAH! As well, I got an A- on a paper that stupid Diefenbaker paper I wrote right before Christmas. I was aiming for a 65%, so an A- was a very pleasant surprise. My jaw literally dropped. haha

So, it was a good day.

I also think that I’ve found my weight loss motivation. My university hosts a formal in March and I have a cute little black dress that I’d like to wear. So that will be something for me to work toward anyway. I want a flatter stomach and some hot legs. haha

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