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Well, I’m down another half pound. I am the queen of slow weight loss. haha Mind you, I haven’t been good with the whole exercise portion of it, although I am determined to do my pilates this morning.

I had a really good weekend– Saturday was Dee’s birthday so I was with her for the majority of the day! In the morning we went and volunteered at a family literacy day downtown and I was SO impressed with the turnout. I think we had the best booth by far… we just got to stand there let every kid who walked past pick out a free book. They were SO excited. I loved it!

In the afternoon we went to another friend’s house to bake a cake and some cupcakes (which turned out more like little hockey pucks because we forgot to check on them… haha) and that was really nice. I haven’t had a group of girl friends that live close by in a couple of years so it’s nice having some people to go out with.

We went out for dinner at this fabulous Cajun restaurant that serves everything ‘New Orleans’ style, and I fell in LOVE with this brown sugar and malt vinegar chicken dish I ordered. I almost died it was so good. There were about 10 of us out for dinner, so that was really nice. Then we went back to Dee’s for cake, and then the Hubster and I came home!

Yesterday was nice and relaxing… we went to church (which actually was kind of normal this week for once) and had a nice long nap together in the afternoon. I had to go out to a meeting last night, but it too was nice a quick so I didn’t have to be out late. All in all, it was a great weekend. And can I just reiterate how much I LOVE having Mondays off? Not like, LOVE.

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