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I am tired. It’s been a verrrrrry long day. It started off with a bang when we woke up to no hot water and I enjoyed a lovely FREEZING cold shower. Lovely. Thankfully, it brightened significantly when I received an essay back with a glorious mark of 80%. The paper was worth 35% of my overall grade, so am THRILLED. :)

I was able to come home around 5, only to face a mountain of laundry and dishes. After 5 loads of laundry and 2 loads of dishes the apartment looks significantly better. The Hubster came home as I was cleaning and pitched in, which really helped. I then baked roughly 3-4 dozen sugar cookies for my open house the organization I co-chair is holding this week. That was also an adventure when first, my dough was too dry, then I realized I didn’t have wax paper OR a rolling pin. So after a little moderation, I have cookies. I have the most fun cookie cutters ever!! There are helicopters, trains, dinosaurs, shapes, people, animals, etc etc… SO fun. I was so impressed.

Now, at 10pm, I need to come up with a topic for a 3000 word essay due on Monday. AHhhhhh I’m so sick of school. I need a break!! I have NO idea what to write about. Wish me luck!

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