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Well, it’s all over. No more essays or exams for at least a month. I thought that I would feel elated at the thought, but I mostly feel tired. I’ll be excited tomorrow. :)

So I thought I’d explain why I chose “Shop Girl” as my name for my blogging. I’ve had a few people ask me why I haven’t used one of my personal and more colourful nicknames that I have, so let’s review. Most nicknames that I’ve been called actually include my first, last or maiden name, so those were immediately out because I want to keep this free of personal information. So. My other nicknames from past and present:

Tookie, Tooks, Tookleberry, etc* …I’ve been called this since before I can remember. My parents made it when I was two and it stuck. It’s more of a family nickname that I personally am not in love with, so I decided not to use it.

Big Red* …this was my nickname for part of high school and much of my first year at university because I was strawberry blonde for almost 4 years. However, I’ve since gone back to my natural colour or dark brown (with red highlights) , so being called “Big Red” doesn’t seem fitting anymore.

Beef* …this is my family’s most recent nickname for me. There’s an explanation behind it that is really only funny when told in person by Choppy, so I’ll just leave this one alone. haha

Hoe Bag* …Tiger gave me this one years and years ago. Yes, there is a story attached, but the name itself isn’t really the image of myself I want to be portraying. As much as my sisters love the nickname, it wasn’t an option here.

Hootie* …Material Girl started calling me this way back in elementary school. It’s now the Hubster’s favourite nickname for me, but I just wanted something… different.

Pocahontas* …my family is Metis and because we bear absolutely no native resemblance, people usually get a kick out of it. But there are only a few people who still call me that, so I didn’t want to use it.

Goat Girl* …there is a long explanation behind this name. I’m positive that I’ll share it with you because the [Goat Boy] saga is really too funny for me not to share. I was known as the Goat Girl over most of Ontario–people knew who I was based on this story before they ever actually met me. It’s THAT good of a story. Although I doubt it will be as funny when written, because you need the emphasis and accent Goat Boy had. ANYWAY, as funny as this was… the goat saga has ended and no longer applies to me. Although I think the stories will be told for the rest of my life! haha

Hot Pants* …a very good friend of mine gave me this nickname as my superhero name. She was Super Boots, and I was Hot Pants. Together we were an unbeatable duo. Anyway, this was really the only other nickname that even came close to being my name on here.

These were really the only contenders, as my other family nicknames include things that aren’t really very flattering… oh, the joys of having little brothers. haha Anyway, in the end I chose Shop Girl* because in the past year, I have developed an irresistible and undeniable love of shopping. I know, not nearly as fun as some of my other options, but all in all, I guess I just liked it. And I think I’m entitled to a name I enjoy. So that’s why.

As well, my URL is “iheartmyshoes” because I do. I have a beautiful shoe collection that hovers somewhere around 80 pairs. I was up closer to 90, but I recently gave some away. I’ll have to do a recount for the exact number, but shoes are my passion. In my opinion, shoes can either make or break an outfit. I LOVE shoes. I can’t help it. If I had more money I would spend it all on shoes. haha Shoes, I heart you.

Shop Girl*

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