Complaining about something*


Essays. I’d like to know who ever thought that assigning them to test a student’s knowledge would be a good idea. Because personally, I think that that is CRAP. AHhhhhhhh… I swear essays are the bane of my existence. As a History and English double major, I have the privilege of writing them, a lot. I’m a glutton for punishment–what can I say? I’m in the middle of writing the first of 3 essays that are due within the next 10 days or so… and yet I’m writing a blog instead. I think I am a STAR at procrastinating. :)

I’d also like to know why professors like to assign things so that EVERYTHING is due at the same time. You would think that professors of the same department could correlate and space out the assignments a little… but no. Apparently that’s too difficult. Apparently. My life is going to be INSANE for the next few days. Between now and the 13th of December I will have completed 3 essays (Approximately 34 pages) and 3 midterms. Holy mother of pearl. I’m stressed just thinking about it! I’m trying to get some of it done tonight because Too Cool is coming for a visit Saturday and Sunday and I know I won’t get much done. *sigh*

Why does university have to be so stressful? I thought this was supposed to be fun…?

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