• The Headboard: Before & After*

    I’ve had a busy few days.

    And by busy I of course mean not really busy at all. My lovelies, I finally started watching North & South.

    And by “started watching” I obviously mean that I sat glued to my couch until I had watched the entire series. Oh my goodness it was SO good! I was devastated when it ended simply because it meant there wasn’t more to the story.


    In other news, I’m now sixteen weeks pregnant and I fear the days of wearing my own clothes are limited. I’m still squeezing into my pants, but there is a growing pile of pants with top buttons who have become… unfriendly. I think it’s almost time to bust out the maternity clothes! People told me I would start showing a little earlier the second time around, but I wasn’t prepared for this! haha

    So. A while back I mentioned that I had finally found a headboard for my bed! I have been looking for a while, as the ones I saw in stores were crazy expensive and it’s a “frill” I didn’t want to overspend on. I’ve been scouring Kijiji for one that I liked, and while I saw a few possibilities, it still looked like I would be spending $75 – 100.

    And then we went to Goodwill.

    A few weeks ago, Spart came to visit. We had a glorious sushi lunch, then decided to run a few errands and do some shopping. I had several bags of clothes to donate in the back of my vehicle, so we decided to stop off at Goodwill on the way. After dropping them off, we thought it couldn’t hurt to pop in for a minute and see what was there.

    On our way in we noticed signs on the door that indicated that the store was closing in a few weeks time, and until it closed everything in the store was 50% off. While I’m so sad to lose one of my favourite thrifting haunts, I love  good deal and was hoping to find some treasures.

    I did.

    I hunted through my usual aisles without much luck, then decided to take a peek at the furniture as Spart was still browsing, and the Hubster was keeping Ruby busy. I noticed they had a collection of bed frames in pieces leaning against one wall, so moved in to take a closer look. At first glance it looked like a pile of mismatched junk, but as I moved a few things around, an old queen-sized headboard caught my eye. It was in rough shape, but it was real wood, and as I imagined in with a fresh coat of paint, I knew I had found something.

    I had an associate come over and help me pull it out, and she priced it at $25. Cut that in half, and I walked out with a new (to me) headboard for $12.50. Win!

    The Hubster went back to pick it up with his truck, and sanded it down for me as soon as he got home. I didn’t get a picture before he sanded, but here’s a rough idea of what it looked like when we brought it home from the store:

    (You can click on pictures to enlarge them.)

    The Headboard - Before*
    The Headboard – Before*

    And a close up of the detailing, which made me fall in love with this piece:

    The Headboard - Before*
    The Headboard – Before*

    I love that it has an old fashioned feel to it, and I think the carving is so pretty. It immediately reminded me of the dresser I refinished two years ago, and I knew I wanted to paint it to match. I have white accents in my bedroom, so I knew it would be a good fit.

    The best part? Fixing it up didn’t cost me a penny. We had already had primer here from another project, so once the sanding was finished, I put a coat on to get ready to paint. We also had some white paint in our basement, so I decided to put it to good use.

    A few coats later, it transformed into this:

    The Headboard - After*
    The Headboard – After*

    A closer look:

    The Headboard - After*
    The Headboard – After*

    I am so happy with how it turned out! A fresh coat of paint made it look brand new(ish). We brought it in and it looks great in our room! I don’t have an updated picture with the bed yet, but I’ll get on that for you. :)

    I heart thrifting!

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  • Thrifty Thursday: Shorts & Shirts*

    Thank you.

    I so appreciated all your words of advice and support regarding my last post. Many of you expressed an interest in wanting to know how I handled the situation, and after a lot of thought, I decided to let it go.

    Should I have said something to this person? Maybe.

    But I thought it would probably cause way more trouble than it’s worth. If they read my last post and even felt an uncomfortable twinge thinking that it may be them, then I’m good with that. If not… meh.

    Not worth my time.


    I am officially on summer holidays!!!!!! Let us pause for a moment and reflect on how magical this is.


    I have had the laziest ever start to my holidays and it has felt so good. I finally caught up on my shows that I’ve missed since April.

    (Umm… did you SEE the finale to Castle??? I sobbed. Heaving, enormous, crazy person sobs. HOLY FLIP.)

    I rearranged my bedroom. When we moved in we basically just dropped all our furniture into places where they sort of fit and moved on to more pressing areas of the house. Yesterday I rearranged it to the way I wanted it, and made room for my dresser, which is finally underway! The Hubster has sanded the top for me, and next it’s off to the store to pick out some glossy white and grey paint! SO excited.

    Also, I shopped. I shopped without time restraint. I shopped without feeling like my phone was going to ring at any second with a call to drag me back into work.

    Today I drove over to my favourite Value Village in search for some summer wear, as well as my dress for July! The dresses were a bust, but I DID pick up a fab pair of shorts and a cute shirt!

    I’m always on the hunt for cute, long shorts. I don’t feel that short shorts suit my body, and I love the look of a pair of shorts that falls just a smidge above the knee. So, when I tried these on I knew I had to have them on! They are a perfect fit.

    After I picked these out I decided that probably needed a new shirt to go with them, right? Right. I found and loved this:

    And here’s a close up of the detailing on the left shoulder:

    Cute, no? It fits perfectly and is in like-new condition. WIN!

    Then I found a pair of red patent Steve Madden pumps. In my size. for $10.

    …that I didn’t buy. *sigh*

    Ohhhh it was a struggle. I hemmed and I hawed for almost 15 minutes over these shoes. As you well know, I have long been searching for red shoes. My shoe collection is incomplete without them… and I was hoping that I could finally add a red pair to my closet.

    I LOVED the round toe on the shoes, but I just wasn’t in love with the heel. This is basically what I want:

    My Dream Red Pumps

    The toe was the same on the shoes I saw today, but the heel was much chunkier. It just wasn’t quite the look I wanted.

    Maybe I’m too picky, but I know I’ll find them eventually!!

  • Thrifty Thursdays: The Shoe Count*

    I’m baaaaaaaaack!

    I can’t even remember the last time I did a Thrifty Thursday post… isn’t that sad? The move was so crazy, and I feel like things are just beginning to slow down. I’m still working like crazy and there’s still a billion things to do around the house, but I feel like we’re settling into a routine again.

    …which means I have a few minutes here and there to do a little thrifting. :)

    I actually had a morning off last week and was able to sneak out to Value Village’s half price day sale. I found a cute black dress, and two fabulous pairs of sandals that I am so excited about.

    I picked up these cute little brown sandals for work. They are so comfortable! They are from a discontinued Payless brand that I used to love love love, so I was really excited to find them. They ended up only costing me $6, so it basically would have been a crime not to take them.

    Then I saw these:

    I have to be honest: I have never owned a pair of silver sandals. I’ve always wanted a pair, but I’ve never found ones that I liked. I’ve needed silver sandals for several occasions in the past, and I’ve always ended up borrowing a pair from someone I know.

    I love that these are simple and comfortable, and I love that there is just a touch of glam woven into the design:

    And really, for $5.50, could I say no?


    So, on the topic of shoes… remember when I decided that I was going to count my shoes?

    I finally did.

    I asked a question on my Facbeook page to see how many pairs of shoes some of my readers and friends have. The majority was definitely in the 10 – 20 pairs range, with the 20 – 30 pairs group following behind.

    I’m just a little bit over that. While I’m way below my high of 100 pairs, I’m still a bit above average.

    (Which means I still have lots of room to buy more. YAY)

    Actually, a friend of mine guessed my number spot on:

    Seventy-three pairs.

    It’s actually less than I thought, but I can do 73. (for now… ha)

    How many pairs do you own?

  • Thirfty Thursdays – Steve Madden Sandals*

    It has been a busy and exciting week.

    Tomorrow will mark the first time that I will have ever taught five full days in a row since becoming a supply teacher. Sure, I’ve worked five days in a row before, but they aren’t usually full days. I often get calls for a morning here, or an afternoon there, but I’ve never quite made it to a full week.

    Until now. :)

    When I got the call for another full day tomorrow (my 4th day at the same school this week) I was elated. I love my job, and this is like getting a small glimpse into what life will be like when I one day have a full-time job. It’s been all kinds of fun… and all kinds of busy. As it stands right now, there are only three days left this month that I haven’t been booked for yet. That feels good.

    The end of my course is also on the horizon. I’m currently working on my final assignment–a one hour professional development workshop. I am so ready to be finished. It’s been a very interesting course, but I’ve also found it incredibly busy. I look forward to having the constant guilt and stress removed from my shoulders!

    …because that will leave me with more time for fun things. Like shopping. :)

    A couple of weeks ago I went out to tour my fav stores and I happened to see a fabulous pair of sandals that lept off the shelves into my cart. They needed a good home and I was happy to oblige. When I saw that these cute Steve Madden sandals were only $7 my heart melted just a little! I ♥ Value Village!

    (We finally found the camera we want for the price we want! We’re hoping to go pick it up tomorrow, so this will hopefully be the last of the crappy blackberry photos! YAY!)

    I don’t know if you can see it in the photos, but each strap is a different shade / pattern of gold and silver. It’s SO fun.

    The weather is finally getting warmer, and while I’ve been wearing my flats every day–I haven’t been brave enough to wear my sandals just yet. But I cannot wait to be able to wear these!

    Also, I can’t wait to set up my new closet and display all my shoes. Just the thought of it makes me a bit giddy. AH!

  • Six Months + Six Dresses (#2)

    It’s here!! It’s finally here!!

    Today is the first Thursday of April which means it’s finally time to debut Dress #2 of my Six Months + Six Dresses challenge! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to write this post–I was expecting to post it last week, but then that dang 31st of March fell on a Thursday which meant I had to wait an extra week.

    *sigh* C’est la vie!

    Before I show you my new dress, I just have to say how excited I am about my Summer of Dresses project. I already have six guest bloggers lined up to show you their favourite dresses, and I’m hoping that number will grow as the summer passes! This will be an ongoing project over the next several weeks, and I hope to have my first guest make an appearance this week. SO exciting! If you’re interested, click the link and drop me a line! :)


    For the past several weeks I’ve been rifling through racks searching for dresses. One thing I’ve noticed is that thrift shopping and regular shopping run on opposite schedules. When I worked in retail I always thought it was hilarious that the shoes (and clothes) always came in months before the season you’d need them for. We started getting our fall and winter boots in by the end of July. Who is thinking about boots in July? Madness.

    …but it’s the opposite in thrift stores. People don’t donate their clothes until the season is over, so I’m seeing a lot of autumn and winter apparel on the racks right now. There were still “summery” dresses, but the bulk of what I’ve found has been a season behind.

    I found Dress #2 at Value Village. When I saw it I fell in love with it immediately. I love how simple and versatile it is. It’s incredibly comfortable, and it’s something that I could absolutely wear to work. Now, I have to apologize in advance–our camera broke this week. It took a tumble a few weeks ago and finally died earlier this week. We haven’t had a chance to go out and get a new one yet, so these photos were taken with my blackberry camera. I’m sorry if the quality is less than fabulous!


    …and the back!

    Dress – $6 @ Value Village
    Gap Shirt – $2 @ Goodwill
    Black Flats – $5 @ Payless
    Bracelet – Made by me!

    And since you can’t really see the dress well in the photos (we took the picture after the sun had set — bad idea), I took a photo of it in better light for you:

    I love how simple it is, and I cannot even begin to tell you how comfortable it is. The second I tried it on I knew it was perfect for me. I know it’s black, but I can easily add a splash of colour by wearing a colored shirt underneath it, or by pairing it with some fun accessories!

    So lovelies, there you have it. Two down, four to go! :)

    If you missed Dress #1, you can see it here!

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