• I Bought Shoes!!!

    My wee-bean is on her 3rd nap today. She slept for 2.5 hours this morning, 45 minutes at lunch, and she just went down again.

    So this is what it feels like to have a baby that naps.

    My kitchen is clean, the laundry is done, my errands are complete and now I can sit and write without feeling the least bit guilty. I like this. :)

    Yesterday I vowed to devote more time to my writing, and joked that a little therapeutic shoe shopping might help. When Ruby finally woke up this morning, I decided there was no time like the present, and went out and found two fabulous pairs of shoes to add to my collection.

    I have been on the hunt for red pumps for… ever. I’m quite picky about the style and shade of red that I wanted for my shoe, so I couldn’t just go out and pick up any red pair. But when I saw these, it was love at first sight. I can’t wait to wear them!

    Now unfortunately I won’t have opportunities to wear these every day, so I also wanted to find something fun, but practical for when it’s time to put my sandals away. I found these cute little brown boots and fell in love with them immediately. They are very comfortable, and I know they’ll look great with jeans!

    I almost feel like they have a bit of a cowgirl vibe to them, which I secretly love love love.

    The best part? I got both pairs for $16. Total.

    That’s right, I went thrifting!! Both shoes looked as if they hadn’t really been worn so I was ecstatic to find them. I haven’t had time to go thrifting for anything fun in ages, so it was great to go out and find two things that I’ve been looking for for a while.


  • Babies & Babbling*

    (Courtesy of: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_pofpa7CZ-Vg/SZRm7EKb5JI/AAAAAAAAFKc/gR7wGPg4CHg/s400/baby_stork_boy_lg.jpg)

    He’s here. :)

    After many long months of waiting, my perfect little nephew arrived this morning at 9:20am. He is a healthy 9 lbs 3 oz, and both the baby and Peeah are doing well. In fact, because she is super woman, she was back at home shortly after lunch.  I spoke with her this afternoon and she sounded so happy–tired, but happy. I haven’t met him yet, but I hear my little nephew has reddish blond hair and I’m positive I will absolutely melt when I hold him on Thursday.

    (…is it Thursday yet?)

    I hate that I’m not with my family right now, but as we were already planning to drive up for the weekend on Thursday, we decided to wait. *sigh* I already know that the next two days will be verrrrrry long for me. As soon as I meet him I’ll get a photo for you so we can all share in his cuteness.


    Also, you may or may not have noticed the presence of a new little poll on my sidebar! Yay!! Polls!! HOO HAH!

    (Are you excited? I’m excited.)

    I’ve decided to take on another challenge for my Thrifty Thursday posts. I had a ton of fun hunting for accessories two weeks ago, and I’d like to do something like that again. So, I’ve come up with five ideas, and I’ll let you make the final decision!

    Six Months + Six Dresses*

    Last year Kyla ran a series on her blog about her quest to add dresses to her summer wardrobe. So, she took on a challenge to buy one new or thrifted dress each month for six months and found some beautiful pieces. It was such a fun series to read over the summer and I was really sad when it ended. I thought it would be fun to try, so I thought I’d have this as an option!

    Colourful Accessories*

    This would be an extension of the challenge I took on two weeks ago. I could hunt by item or colour, and show ways to jazz up a bland outfit with a little burst of colour and some fun accessories I find in thrift stores.

    Magical Shoes*

    I’ve seen some pretty fabulous shoes while I’m out thrift shopping, and the turquoise ones I bought are just one example. I’ve thought about hunting for some bright, fun colourful shoes to add to my closet (that is currently a sea of brown, beige and black shoes).

    Five Looks + One Shoe*

    Alana, the voice behind The Good Girl Gone Blog, recently ran a series on her blog that I LOVED: 1 Shoe, 7 Looks. She took one pair of boots, and created seven different looks and outfits for them. It was such a neat idea, and I think it could be fun to try!

    Blazer Blitz*

    You all know how much I love a good blazer, so I thought about not only shopping for blazers, but wearing them to create both dressy and casual outfits.

    So… it’s up to you! Which challenge should I take on first?? The poll is just on the sidebar (right side of the screen).


    I finally updated my Blogs I Love* page. Since so many  of you lovely writers have made beautiful buttons for your blogs, I decided to use them! Once you’re on the page you can now just click on their button and it will take you right to their site. Isn’t that magical?


    I met my new doctor today! Aside from the long wait, I am very happy with her. She is young, outgoing and professional and I liked her immediately. I am SO relieved to finally have a family doctor, and I already have my first physical scheduled for next month. And the best part? Everything happened in just over a month! I am seriously loving Health Care Connect right now.


    Well, that just about does it for me, lovelies! I’m exhausted, and very ready for bed.

    Two more sleeps until nephew time! :)

  • On Being Thrifty*

    (via: http://budgetlexicon.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/thrift-store.jpg)

    One of my favourite parts of this whole blogging thing is I feel like I get to be a part of this super cool group of amazing women who inspire me in so many ways. I have long been an admirer of Kyla–she was one of my early features last fall when I was doing my Shop Girl Shares segments every Monday. One of the challenges she has taken on for herself this summer is to find six new summer dresses to add to her wardrobe. She’s found three so far, and the next three she wants to find in thrift stores.

    I’ve long been intrigued by the idea of thrift store shopping. Really, when I think about it, in a way I’ve already been doing it for most of my life. One of the benefits of having older sisters is that there are always great big bags of hand-me-down clothes coming my way. Peeah is a great lover of clothes and often changes her “look” so a few times a year she’ll call me up and offer me a couple of bags of clothes to sift through. I never take it all, but there is usually a handful of gems that I have had my eye on that eventually make it my way.

    One of the things I’ve really been trying to add to my wardrobe in the past year is dresses. Not just summer dresses, but dresses in general. Two years ago I ransacked my closet for clothes for a formal event and I realized that I owned only one dress. ONE dress. How is that even possible?  I’ve slowly been finding ones I love–in the past two years I’ve gone from one dress to six, but I’m still looking. My new goal is to find comfy, stylish every day dresses that I could wear for teaching.

    I always look for them in stores when I shop, but they are always a) too short; b) too expensive; or c) too… “I’m going to the bar to pick up”-ish. So when I saw that Kyla was on the hunt in thrift stores I thought, why not? There are two that I know of in Pretty City,  and I was pretty disappointed with the first one. It really wasn’t organized very well, but I did find an adorable tan peasant-style skirt for $5! I took it home, washed it up and I’m really quite happy with it.

    Next stop was Value Village. I remember going to Value Village a few times as a teenager, but it’s been a lonnnng time since. I took my time in the store, perused through the aisles and was actually really excited by a few of the things I found. There was one dress that I fell in LOVE with, but it was one size too small. So, I did what any self-respecting woman would do: I turned to shoes.

    I didn’t really expect to find anything, but then one pair jumped off the shelf into my arms and begged me to take them home with me. I found Nine West black leather pumps (a staple for any woman’s closet) for $10!! Seriously. How could I possibly leave them there?

    Love. Aside from a little wear on the heels and a touch on the toe that I can easily polish, they look brand new and I am SO excited. Who knew I could find such fabulous shoes at a thrift store?

    Now I know there is a bit of a stigma attached to thrift stores for a lot of people… you know, the whole wearing clothes that someone else owned / not knowing where it came from bit.

    How do you feel about thrift store shopping?

  • Shop Girl Goes Hunting*

    (via: http://germanhistorydocs.ghi-dc.org/images/ACF809E.jpg)

    I’m on the hunt.

    Some people hunt animals. Some people hunt for rare treasure.

    …I hunt for shoes.

    Every so often I find that a beloved pair from my collection is coming close to retirement. It could be from old age, it could be from wear, or it could be from… *gasp* falling out of style.

    I absolutely hate when this happens. I love my shoes. All of them. Sure, I play favourites, but all my shoes are family. There is seriously a lot of love here. It’s never fun when a shoe dies.

    But I also have a secret: I love hunting.

    You see, I’m really not the girl who can walk into a store, point to a shoe and say, “That one works. I’ll take it.”

    Oh no.

    I have a process. First I need to see all the available possibilities, then I narrow it down to a few favourites that I’ll examine carefully while thoughtfully pondering the wardrobe possibilities. THEN I try it on.

    Then I repeat with every store in proximity. haha!

    It’s not an easy process, you see. So when I did the summer / winter shoe swap this fall, (yes. I have to display my shoes by season… I can’t fit them all. Don’t judge me. ha) I pulled out my long-loved knee high black boots and realized it was almost time for them to go. When I first saw them eight years ago it was love at first sight–they are fitted without looking like I painted them on, they have a nice 2.5″ heel, a perfect slightly squared toe and best of all–they are so comfortable.

    They are also almost completely worn out.

    So, in November I began hunting for new boots. I wanted something that I could wear with both dress and casual; something comfortable but with nothing lower than a 2.5″ heel. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Carrie Bradshaw goes out and finds the perfect shoe every day, right?


    I’ve looked. And I’ve looked. I think I’ve seen every boot that exists in my city… and just none of them are speaking to me. I’ve looked at straight boots and slouchy boots and pointed toes and round toes and knee-highs and thigh-highs–my boot just isn’t there.

    I know it sounds crazy, but I know that I’ll know it when I see it. I bond with my shoes. I heart them, you know.

    I still love the look of a straight boot, but I think I’ve decided to go with a semi-slouchy boot this time, if I can find the one I want. This boot is the closest example of what I want that I’ve found, but they really don’t look as nice in person. I’m also mildly interested in this boot, but I also think the buckle and heel is a little too Matrix for me.

    And so, the hunt continues. For now I’ve resorted to looking online at shoes I adore but can’t possibly afford… some day I’ll be a famous bajillionaire and I’ll have Carrie’s shoe closet. Just wait.

    If any of you are feeling particularly generous and want to buy me either of those boots, I promise I won’t say no. :)

  • An Explosion of Clothes*

    Holy mother of pearl.

    The Hubster and I got home from our Christmas vacation / traveling to see our families this afternoon, and since we walked in the door until now I have been cleaning non-stop. I haven’t even had time to read my lovely little Amish books. *sigh*

    Christmas was a little, well, bigger for us this year as the Hubster and I did a lot of shopping. As he is beginning to apply for full-time jobs in a few weeks, and I start teaching every day for 10 weeks in February, we both decided it was time to trade in our jeans for some professional wear. We went to Sears for the Hubster and he got absolutely stupid deals (this is a good thing) and walked away with amazing clothes. For example, he got beautiful Rockport suit shoes for $80 (half off), Ralph Lauren pants at half off, a ton of fabulous ties, belts, more shoes, socks, shirts and so much more at RIDICULOUS prices!! All the boxing week sales started a week before Christmas and so we shopped until we dropped!!

    I love long sleeved shirts for teaching. They are so so comfortable, and keep me at just the right temperature in the classroom. Until last week I only had 3 or 4, in a couple of colours… and then I went to Old Navy! The Old Navy in B Town had all their shirts down to $6 (from $20) and I pretty much bought out the store and took one in every colour! haha! It was exactly what I had hoped to find in our boxing day adventures, only at half the price I expected to pay! I was so so so excited and I LOVE them!! I’m not sure if it was only the B Town store that had them marked down so low, as I went to a couple of different locations in the City this week and they were more expensive. So I am very happy.

    I was also extremely happy to find 4 new pairs of dress pants that fit me (some of my old ones were too big now that I’ve lost weight) for $15 each!! They aren’t brand name or anything, but I don’t care. I’ll probably muck them up in the classroom anyway, so it was perfect!

    Anyway, we did well with our shopping… but then when we put it all in the car to come home, with our bags and gifts, we realized that we had waaaaaaay too much stuff. So, when we got home today, I followed my mother-in-law’s lead and started cleaning up and cleaning out. We left all out bags and purchases in the living room (it looked like a bomb went off) and I attacked my dresser and closet. I decided to be utterly ruthless with my clothes and shoes and managed to fill 2 bags of clothes to get rid of, as well as one bag of sandals and shoes. It always makes me sad to say goodbye to my shoes… but it was time. (besides… now I have room for new ones!! YAY!! I’m on a hunt for new teacher shoes and new knee-high black boots. I’ll keep you posted!)

    I also got the Hubster to go through his things as well and he also came up with a bag of clothes and a bag of shoes to give away, all of which I’m freecycling! If you haven’t yet heard of this organization I insist that you check it out. So now we have bags and bags of clothes and shoes in our hallway that I’m waiting for people to pick up but I feel SO good to have it gone! Our new things fit well in our room, and we have some extra space! I’m already terrified about our impending move this spring and all the packing it will entail… but I’ll fret about that later.

    Anyway, it’s been a long day of cleaning… and I’m right tuckered out. Unfortunately our living room is still disasterous as I did laundry and have clothes drying everywhere, but I’ll get those away tomorrow and hopefully we’ll have something that resembles an apartment in the near future! haha!

    Tomorrow we are heading back to the mall to exchange a tie the Hubster bought and to hopefully find me some new “teacher” shoes. I had these wonderful old leather black shoes that I loved and wore all last semester… but they died over Christmas. (RIP) So, it’s off to the shoe store to see what I can find!!

    Hope your day was a little less hectic than mine. :)

    Shop Girl*

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