• Grad Photos (Again)*

    **Annnnd I am an idiot. Jenny noticed that although there were 6 options to choose from, there were only 5 options on the poll… so I had to make a new one. Sorry friends. Sometimes I am not so bright. haha

    Okay folks, it’s time.

    Last year you were such a big help in my grad photo dilemma, and this year I need you more than ever. You see, I thought it would be a good idea to go get my photos taken at the conclusion of an exhausting day of teaching grade 7 (meaning that I left it until the absolute deadline and I had no other choice *sigh*) and I was so tired I nearly fell asleep in the studio. Last year there was at least one photo that I kind of liked… this year, not so much.

    My mom wants a photo though, so it’s time to choose… which one should I pick?

    (You can click on pictures to enlarge them)

    Shop Girl*

  • Sunrise, Sunset*

    Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m a photographer.

    Really, I don’t even think that I’ve even hit amateur status yet. haha! But every so often I take a picture that kind of turns out how I’d like it to. The sunset last night was so beautiful it was ridiculous… so I took some pictures and I thought I’d share them with you.

    These photos brought back a memory of a song I wrote when I was 17. It was just after I’d broken up with my first boyfriend and I was really… melancholy. One verse goes:

    “The sun is setting low,
    It paints the sky in pinks and purples.
    I walk alone,

    Anyway, the sky last night made me think of that song even though I haven’t played it in years. It really was a painting of pinks and purples.

    (you can click on pictures to enlarge them)

    I loved this next one. It almost looks like there are eyes in the sky.
    Anyway, I hope you like them. I love the sky… it’s my favourite thing to take pictures of. :)

    Shop Girl*

  • The Hubster’s Other Wife*

    Nearly every Sunday at church in my little geriatric ward I catch people doing double takes when they see me to make sure that the Hubster isn’t coming to church with a new woman. A few times I’ve even had the Bishop squint at me from the stand to see who it was that the Hubster had brought to church that day wondering where I was, only to realize that it was me when he saw me standing in the foyer after the meeting. There is one man in particular who is only just now starting to recognize me on a regular basis, after only 3 years. haha!!

    I think my FAVOURITE occurrence of all was when a man (who had even driven us to church before and knows the Hubster quite well) saw me sitting on a couch after church and walked over to me and says, “Hi there!! I’m “Dave”!! Nice to see you today– are you visiting us?”I gave him a questioning look and replied, “Nooo… you home teach with my husband?? I’m Shop Girl*!!” His face turned a million shades of red as he looked closer and inside I nearly DIED laughing (but held it in until after he was out of earshot so not to embarrass him further. hhahaha

    This happens so often at church for 3 reasons:
    1) The people are generally older, you know, bad eye sight and whatnot.
    2) I’m only there once a week so they only have (on average) 4 days a month to see me.
    3) Apparently I change my hair a lot.

    I was going through my pictures and in the past 3 years that I’ve lived here in Senior’s City I’ve had quite a number of hair styles. First let’s talk about cuts / styles:

    1) Before I got married, my hair looked like this: [*Note– you can click on the photos to enlarge them]It was long and I often just left my natural curl as the Hubster loves it.

    2) I can also blow dry it quite straight as well, so it also often looks like this:
    Now. The day after I got married, I chopped off about six inches. It looked like this:I quickly got bored of that haircut, and over the past three years have cut it a variety of ways:
    I’ve also dyed it a variety of colours… until about 2 weeks before my wedding I was a strawberry blonde:I was blonde for… oh, 5 years or so I guess. I decided to go au naturel for our wedding which, for me, is a auburny brown with lots of red highlights. (my Hubs had just given me my very own Scrabble board in this picture.. WOO!!) I’ve also spiced it up a bit with blonde highlights which I didn’t love. I don’t think that they were done very well. I also don’t have a good picture of it (as I kept them only 2 months) so I’ll spare you the horror. haha!! The next big change was when I went black:Which has now faded into what I have now–a darkish brown with reddish tones throughout. So you see, to an older person who has been wearing the same hairstyle for the past 50 years, I suppose my ever-changing hair could make me look like a new person every week. Between curls, pin straight, up, down, blonde, black or in a hat I get to make the Hubster look like he’s with a new woman every weekend. ahhah!

    As long as it’s just a new version of me, I’m okay with that. ;) It’s just fun to spice up your look from time to time… I highly recommend it!

    Shop Girl*

  • Grad Photos*

    So, I got my grad photo proofs back! Surprisingly, I don’t hate them all. I’d love your opinion before I spend WAY too much money to add to my mother’s graduation wall + send them to all our grandparents. Of the following 5, which do you like best?? [**You can click on them to enlarge them]

    Shop Girl*

  • Snow Mountains*

    So I promised that I would post pictures of the massive snowfall we had on the weekend. This one was actually taken by my mother-in-law and is just SO much better than the ones I took! Snow banks have taken on a new name: snow mountains. Let me introduce you to Toby, their dog… if you can find him. haha!

    These next ones are of my balcony / parking lot. Out balcony had NO snow on it Friday morning. Now there is almost a foot.

    This was after the big John Deer tractors had to come clear out the parking lot on Sunday morning. Everyone was absolutely snowed in.

    I loved this… there were children sliding / sledding / tobogganing (or whatever you might call it) IN THE PARKING LOT. hahaha!
    I think we have enough snow now, thank you.

    Shop Girl*

    P.s. If you haven’t already completely my survey (above this post) please take a minute to do it! I would REALLY appreciate it! :)

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