• Christmas Parties and a Winner*

    *Copied over from the original Facebook post

    The issue with my blog is proving to be more complicated than we thought. M had his seriously perplexed face on while he began looking into it–what he thought might be a quickish fix is proving to be a little more challenging. I know he’ll figure it out, but in the meantime I’m just stuck here a little longer.

    Today was a gloriously full and busy day. It was after midnight when I finally rolled into bed. I was looking forward to a long stretch of sleep… which of course didn’t happen. P woke up yelling in this sleep sometime around 3, and it was so loud and intense that it woke both of us up. M got out of bed more quickly than I did, but P was somehow still asleep and completely unperturbed.

    H woke up just before 6am, super excited for the Christmas party with his school friends that we were going to today. P rolled out just after him, so I dragged my tired body downstairs and attempted to sleep on the couch while the boys watched a movie until the rest of the world woke up. I don’t really know where the morning hours went, but suddenly it was 11 and I was late and we ran down the street to the party.

    …which was amazing. I lost count of how many kids were there, but everyone had a ball. My friend who hosted us all had a craft table, cookie decorating, a bounce house and a complete Christmas smorgasbord. I ate too much (again) and still regret nothing (again). The kids wore themselves out, I got to visit with some of my favourite people and all in all the whole day was a win.

    I brought home some seriously tired kids and they vegged watching a movie and playing while I made dinner. I could hear them playing and running around a bit, then suddenly H started hysterical crying and saying his foot hurt. I don’t know what he did, but he was in a ton of pain and couldn’t put weight on it. I iced it and made him rest, and thought that was all he needed, but he was unable to put any weight on it for the rest of the night. I caught him trying to crawl down the hallway to the bathroom and felt so bad for him. We just kept him comfortable for the rest of the night and carried him around like a King, and I’m hoping he’ll be okay in the morning. If he still can’t bear weight on it tomorrow I think we’re in for a trip to the ER to make sure there’s nothing more going on in there.

    Tonight has been a hodge podge of preparing my lesson for Relief Society tomorrow (the women’s organization in my church) and… finding out the first winner of my Seven Days of Giveaways!! I just went through and made a long list of everyone who has liked and followed my It’s a Good Life Facebook page, and pumped all the names into an online “contest winner picker”.

    The first prize is a new Journal, and the winner is… Holly Grant!! Congratulations!!

    Tomorrow I’ll be drawing a name for one of my favourite novels… stay tuned!!

  • From Me to You: A Giveaway!!

    I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude lately.

    Do you know that I’ve been writing in this blog for twelve years now? Twelve years. That’s a long time. Somehow, even with my long periods of absence and sleep deprived writings I have this wonderful community of people who are still reading. I can’t begin to tell you how much your comments, post “likes” and messages mean to me–on my hard days when I wonder whether it’s worth it to keep writing at all, you are there.

    And I am just so grateful for that.

    So, as a way to say THANK YOU for being awesome I want to do Seven Days of Giveaways! (I love that that sort of rhymes. It makes me happy.) I am going to giveaway seven of my favourite things to seven different winners. I will draw a new name each day during the first week of December to kick off the Christmas season, which just happens to be my most favourite time of year.

    These are my loves that I’ll be giving away:

    1. Something to Write
    2. Something to Read
    3. Something to Listen to
    4. Something you Need (Well, mostly I need. But you might too.)
    5. Something you Wear
    6. Something to Share (If you want. ha)
    7. Annnnd…. Something to Shop*

    I’ll give more details about what each item is over the next few days… it’s just a little something to spread some cheer as we come into the holidays, and express my gratitude to all of you.

    To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is Like and Follow my new Facebook page.

    *Click Here*

    Honestly. That’s it. If you’ve already liked the page, then you’ve automatically been entered. YAY!

    I promise not to overhwlem you with a barrage of spam, it’s just where I make my daily updates when I’ve written a new post and occasionally share a recipe or something great that I’ve found.

    The giveaway begins now and will remain open for entries until November 30th, and is open to all Canadian residents. Are you excited? I’m excited.

    More details coming soon!

    Much love,


  • Ladies Night*

    I went out with some new friends last night.

    I totally fretted about what to wear, did my hair three times, and flew out the door in a hurry… only to realize that I had forgotten to put my wedding rings on when I was halfway down the street. I pulled over for a minute, debated what to do, then did a magnificent three way turn in my gigantic vanimal and went back home to get them.

    M found it rather hilarious.

    We all met at a venue I hadn’t been to in years–it’s a restaurant / lounge so it had a very different vibe than what I’ve become used to. It’s really nice and casual inside, with couches and fireplaces, as well as tables and a bar area with a dance floor. We figured it might be busier than normal on a Friday night, but we were not prepared for what we walked into: a sea of empty tables and areas with “reserved” signs on them. Basically the entire place had been booked out for birthday parties. So, here we were, a group of new mom friends, out for a night on the town and no where to go. We stood at the front for a few minutes debating whether or not we should try and stay for a bit and see if something opened or go somewhere else. We were still waiting for someone to join us, so we asked a server if we could “keep some seats warm” for one of the parties until they arrived and they were so happy and willing to accommodate us.

    We found a spot and started chatting until we noticed a woman had come in and was totally giving us the stink eye. My friend called her over and, sure enough, it was her reserved space. We laughed and explained that we weren’t staying, and she looked slightly relieved but still completely annoyed that we had the audacity to sit in her area even though she hadn’t arrived yet. So, we gathered out things and snuck into another reserved table, hoping to steal a few more minutes while we decided where to go.

    I think the servers could tell we wanted to stay / desperately needed a night out and managed to find us a good table at the back, away from the speakers and bar. We ordered a table full of appetizers and started talking and laughing, and before I knew it it was after 11pm.

    (Which, as you know, is basically the middle of the night.)

    To be honest, I’m more of a quiet restaurant person, but being in a different venue was kind of fun. The music was really loud so it was a bit hard to hear each other, but at least it was good music. They were playing 90s and 00s throwbacks all night long, and I almost felt like I was in a high school dance. There were lots of people dancing, but it wasn’t a rowdy atmosphere at all. I wasn’t brave enough to dance last night, but I’d totally go back.

    Then I can bust out my sweet Elaine Benes dance moves.

    I was a little nervous to go, but I’m so glad that I did. I had so much fun, and I think everyone else did too. There was a moment yesterday afternoon where I almost chickened out (I’m the best at talking myself out of things) but I decided to be brave and it was so worth it. We ate, we laughed, we talked about everything from careers to poop and we’re already planning our next night out.

    As I get older, I’m realizing how important is to do this: to have a night every so often where we can shed off all our hats and just… be. To take off the mom hat, the teacher hat, the wife hat, the maid hat, the cook hat, and whatever other hats you might wear and just talk and laugh and not think about anything else for a couple of hours. While I’m exhausted today from staying out too late, I also feel recharged from being there. It felt good to dress up a little and go out, even if we did spend half the night sharing our labour stories and talking about our kids.

    So, I’m glad I went. I’m glad I made the effort to talk to the mom at the park. I’m glad I met another mom at a birthday party and decided to chat instead of scrolling Facebook in my phone. I’m glad M met the dad of one of S’s friends, then talked me into inviting their whole family over for dinner where I got to know the mom. I’m glad I struck up a conversation with a mom of a new kid in H’s class. I’m glad that “Hellos” turned into “How are yous?” then longer conversations as we walked our kids into school. I’m glad we had a few playdates with kids, but also glad we decided to go out as grownups.

    I’m glad we’re going to do it again.


  • Happy Hallowe’en!

    I saw a scrunchie today.


    A scrunchie.

    A student in one of my classes as wearing it and I had to pass by her like 3 times to make sure I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing. Finally I just stopped and asked,

    “Is that a scrunchie?”

    Her hand immediately flew to her hair where it was. She she smiled and said, “Yup! I have a few of them.”

    I could barely contain my excitement. I asked if they were “in style” again now, and she and a few other girls enthusiastically replied that they were. I love this. I know I live under a rock, but apparently 90’s fashion is a thing again? Besides the scrunchie, I saw so many flashback fashion items around the hallway that it was almost like I was a student again.

    …and I know it’s Hallowe’en, but these were the kids that were not dressed up.


    We’re heading out to take the kids trick or treating shortly, and they are over the moon excited. We’ve been counting down “sleeps” for the past week or so, and they got to take their costumes to school today. They weren’t allowed to wear them all day, but there is a parade in the afternoon that they can dress up for.


    Honestly, I’m grateful that they were able to take costumes at all. I’ve talked to a few parents at other schools both here and in other cities the past few days, and I was shocked to learn how many schools don’t allow costumes  of any kind. Some do an “orange and black” day, others don’t mark the day at all. I realize these decisions are made in an effort to be inclusive to some, but to be totally honest, I find it so sad. Being able to bring my costume to school and having a special day at school on Hallowe’en are some of my favourite childhood memories. We did crafts, sang Hallowe’en songs, had treats, watched a movie and usually had a parade of some sort. For me, these were the things that made going to schools fun. And now we are removing them?


    I just don’t always understand.




    Time to get the candy out–the wee ones will be knocking soon!


    P.s. October writing challenge: complete. :)


  • She’s a Jack o’ Lantern!!

    Well folks, today was picture day for H and Miss S.

    She has done SO well not wiggling her turn tooth, even though I know she’s wanted to so badly. Yesterday was a PA Day for the kids, and M surprised us all by taking the day off so we could have a family day. S held up her end of the turn tooth bargain, so yesterday we packed all the kids in the vanimal and went on a little family adventure.

    With three small kids, I don’t spend a lot of time in malls. We go there once a year to get photos with Santa, but other than the occasional lunch in the food court, we don’t go often. So, S & H had never been in a Disney store before. M thought it would be fun to let her choose her new doll from there, and she was beyond excited. Both of their mouths gaped open when we walked in and their eyes were as big as saucers.

    P was just yelly in the stroller, but that’s par for the course.

    After running around the store and looking at every. single. doll there, she finally settled on Princess Elena of Avalor, who she is also being for Hallowe’en this year. We let her open her up a day early as she’s done so well keeping her tooth in, and we figured it wasn’t going anywhere overnight.

    Both she and H looked so cute heading off for their pictures, and they were so excited to tell me all about their photos in the “big gym” when I picked them up after school. She proceeded to tell me that her turn tooth was really wiggly, so I’m sure she spent the entire afternoon wiggling it once her picture was done.

    When M comes home from work, he comes to see each one of us individually for hugs and hellos. I’m usually last as the kids mob him the second he walks in. S was upstairs playing Barbies when he got home today, so after saying hello to the boys and I he sauntered upstairs to give S a hug. The next thing I knew, they were yelling and laughing and screaming upstairs, and S came running halfway down to shout, “DAD’S GOING TO PULL MY TOOTH OUT!”

    She was positively beaming, and while I tried to gently suggest that it might be better to wait until after dinner to try and wiggle the tooth out, I made my way upstairs to see my not-so-little girl with her first missing tooth already held proudly in her hand.

    We made it to picture day… but only by a few hours!!

    Naturally I demanded a photo shoot with my new Jack o’ Lantern daughter:



















    She’s pretty flipping cute. I can’t believe I have a kid old enough to be losing teeth.

    Time to put my wings on… it’s tooth fairy time!!


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