• Music for the Soul*

    I don’t often post a lot of “churchy” stuff (unless it’s a funny story that must be shared) as I guess I feel like my beliefs are my own and I don’t want to push anything on anyone. Besides, that’s not really what my little blog is all about. However, tonight there is something I absolutely must share.

    I love music.

    I love music to the core of my being… I listen to everything. I love everything from rock to hip hop, from dance to opera, from classical to indie. I have a little bit of everything in my itunes–there isn’t really one band or artist that dominates my play list. I typically only like a handful of songs from any CD so I have a huge hodge-podge of music.

    …except for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    I love choral music. Love. I have been in choirs and ensembles all my life and love the music. Something about a beautiful harmony resonates within my soul and I get goosebumps. I have a collection of music from a variety of internationally known choirs, but the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is my favourite. Hands down.

    I recently found a video for one of my all-time favourite pieces, “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing” and I actually cried when I listened (embarrassing, I know. Music does this to me. *sigh*). Its absolutely beautiful. If you’re not into religious music, just listen to the harmony and the accompaniment.

    The best action happens at 4:15 or so if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, although I highly recommend it.

    Shop Girl*

  • Batman Goes to Church*

    Batman came to church in Senior’s City today.

    The Hubster and I were sitting in our little side pew waiting for the meeting to start when I saw something move from the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw what I thought was a bird flying near the ceiling. Then, as it swooped low over the heads of the congregation the old familiar theme began playing in my head and I thought,

    Holy fruit salad! It’s Batman!

    …and that’s when the fun began.

    Let me set up a picture for you: imagine sitting quietly listening to the prelude music as you wait for the service to start. People are talking quietly and the organ is playing softly. Suddenly that is broken by the screams of all the many old women as they realize that the pretty bird flying around the chapel is actually a bat. hahaha!

    Women were diving for cover in their pews, terrified that Batman would land on their heads or worse–poop. Men stood up and tried to be manly and discussed how to remove the bat as it circled the chapel. Children pointed and watched amazed. The Hubster and I? We just laughed.

    It was a hilarious scene… for about 2 minutes Batman circled the chapel, obviously frightened, while people screamed when it came near them. Finally some man stood up and started barking out instructions:

    “Stay quiet please!”
    “Don’t frighten it!”
    “Turn out the lights!”
    “Open the door”
    “…no, it won’t hurt you.”
    “The bat will fly towards the light! Stay quiet and don’t move!”

    The stay quiet part lasted for, oh, a minute until the bat started tiring and began flying lower and lower until it was just over people’s heads… or at least the ones that weren’t glued to the floor or the pew bench. At this point people’s suggestions to remove the bat were hilarious:

    “Let me go home and get my pellet gun. I’ll get rid of it. haha” (that was the Hubster, obviously. haha)
    “Just get a baseball bat and whack it!”
    “Anyone have a broom?”
    “Just let it land somewhere.”
    (in response) “Where? ON MY HEAD?”

    …and there were many, many more. Finally, as the hero giving orders predicted, the bat swooped lower and saw the light coming from the hallway. He (or she, it could have been a fem-bat, who knows?) glided through the doors and out of the chapel, at which point an old man stood with his arms and legs spread apart blocking the doorway as apparently that would be more effective than, say, closing the doors? haha

    Oh, t’was an exciting Sunday. The meeting began and the bat-men filed back into their seats with satisfied expressions that they had saved us folk from Batman.

    The end.

    Shop Girl*

  • This and That*

    I don’t have anything specific to write about tonight, I just realized that I hadn’t written in a week and decided it was time. So this will probably be a melange of my thoughts and things I’ve discovered recently.

    I’ve discovered a new artist that I absolutely LOVE. You need Adele. I can’t stop listening to her… her music, her voice, all of it– it’s amazing. Listen to “Chasing Pavements” and be converted.

    I’ve also been consumed by a series of books that I cannot put down. I love Gerald Lund, author of the Work and the Glory Series (which I have read twice), and was pleasantly surprised when I began reading his second series, The Kingdom and the Crown. There are 3 books in the series, and I have read the first 2 and half of the 3rd in 3 weeks. haha! It’s horrible for my academic life, but has done wonders for me. I cannot WAIT to be able to read what I want and not feel bad about it. THREE months people. THREE.

    I’m also in the middle of planning FC’s literacy conference for 2008. After seeing how it ran last year, it’s much, much easier this year. We’re even having somewhat of a mini-celebrity come to speak… Lois Burdett, author of the Shakespeare Can Be Fun series for kids is coming. So I think that’s pretty cool. So if you’re around my area on Feb. 2nd, you should come. It’s usually a pretty good day.

    As for my life in general, I haven’t started working for the board yet. I was supposed to start last week, but the principal of my school (I’m at the same place I was last year) is an insanely busy woman and we’re still trying to figure out logistics. I’m pretty excited to get started as things are running a little differently this year. While last year I was independently teaching a group of 5-6 students, this year I’ll actually be IN the classroom with a teacher and will be working along with them. It’s great because it will give me even more experience pre-teacher’s college and I’ll get to know the feel of being in a classroom setting. It’s basically paid student teaching. And it’s basically awesome. haha

    Last night I went out to celebrate Dee’s birthday. She had a bunch of people at her house and I decided to go for a little while before everyone went out to the bar. It was fun, but at the same time it really made me realize how much I’ve changed since my first year of university. I almost wish I had started blogging then so I could actually go back and look myself, but I actually felt kind of awkward at a party. It had been so long since I had gone to anything like that that I got really shy until another good friend of mine came and I basically hugged a wall and chatted with him and one other person until I went home. When I was living on my own 3 years ago I LIVED for that stuff. I was out every weekend and used to talk to anyone and everyone. Last night I was shy… I didn’t know very many people. It was weird. Anyway, I’ve decided that I’ve definitely shifted from a party girl to a movie + popcorn night kind of girl. Unless I’m in Timmins with Material Girl* and Aammmmmmiieee. Then I’ll go out. But only because I love her and I promised that one day I’ll dance in the cages. hahahha

    Anyway, I’ve been away from my book for almost and hour now and I’m going through withdrawal symptoms. haha! Oh, one more thing… for all my LDS friends, what are your thoughts about clipping your fingernails during sacrament meeting? Yep, she did it again. And it was nastier than ever. At least 20 people turned around to look at her and she made no notice of it. What do I do? I don’t want to vomit in the chapel but it’s coming close to that. haha

    Shop Girl*

  • Never a dull moment…

    This sounds terrible, but I’m usually a little less enthusiastic about attending testimony meetings in my ward than I am about going on any ol’ Sunday. We have a very …eccentric… ward that’s chalk full of old people who love to tell the same stories that have no point every Sunday. We are definitely one of those wards where the same people get up evvvvvvvery week.

    However, today the Hubs and I arrived to find the chapel full of people we didn’t recognize. As we’ve been away visiting other places the past few weeks we were immediately excited–had they reorganized the ward boundaries in our absence and answered our prayers?


    BUT, at least there were lots of people there today. As it turned out, the Bishop’s new grand daughter was being blessed and so people from surrounding wards came and packed our chapel. It was beautiful. I felt like I was back in Barrie. :) AND, we had new testimonies! It was a really great service actually. But even still, it was not without our ward’s lovely little quirks. As soon as the first hour ended, a young girl came giggling into the chapel announcing that the baptismal font was overflowing all over the hallway. Her mom thought she was exaggerating…

    …then we looked and found an inch of water on each of the adjourning bathroom floors and a massive wet stain on the carpet. Haha! Apparently one of the missionaries turned it on and then got so caught up in our riveting testimony meeting that he forgot to go turn it off. Obviously there is a lesson here: good testimony meetings equal floods. So we probably shouldn’t have any more.

    Oh, but see, that wasn’t even the best part– our primary is in the chapel rehearsing for the big presentation in 2 weeks, and the president asked me to go grab a couple of chairs from the primary room. On my way I had to walk through the 7-8 men that were grouped around the water all discussing how best to fix the situation. It was hilarious: Eight old men. Two mops. One carpet cleaner… and 35 minutes to stand there, look at it, and talk about the best way to fix it. :)

    Shop Girl*

  • And It Begins Again…


    Tonight I have my first meeting for FC (the organization I volunteer with at school) and I so don’t want to go. I love volunteering with the organization, but I find the meetings absolutely pointless. There is nothing said that couldn’t be done through emails. Really, we could meet once every 4 – 6 weeks and probably get the same stuff done. *sigh* Oh well. I thought I was almost out of having to go as they decided to hold the meetings on Sunday evenings again (gross, I know) and they are at 8pm (even grosser). The buses stop running at 7pm in the area of the city that the Hubs and I live in, so I have no real way to get there unless I grab a ride with someone, but as the whole OT is made up of students, not many people have cars. I also don’t think it’s fair for me to have to pay for a cab both ways, so I refused to do that… but then our co-chair came to the rescue and offered to drive me. So, to the meeting I go. Boo.

    Church was… interesting… again, to say the very least, and I wish our ward were a little more lively… there’s only so much a 75+ congregation can do. Today one of the speakers spoke about how he felt that the spirit prompted him to go fishing and blessed him by catching a fish because he really wanted to. I tell you… we have some stellar public speakers here. Yep. Be jealous. At least going has improved since I was called into primary. The ladies in there are actually under 50 and are really nice. It’s tiny, but hey– what can you do. The best part is that I actually only have to play piano for about 25 minutes. I sit in the mother’s lounge and quietly read for the rest of the time… and I can honestly say that I don’t really miss Sunday School or Relief Society. I miss it in my old ward where I actually got something out of it, but at least now I have a few quiet moments to myself and that seems to work better for me. :)

    Anyway, I should probably do some reading before I am dragged to this meeting… I’m reading a book about Vietnam that is mildly interesting. The material is cool, I just find this author rather dry. 7 months until there is no more reading. SEVEN. :)

    Shop Girl*

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