• The Baby Shower*

    Well, my blog seems to be fixed for everyone but me. We’re still digging around trying to solve the problems, but for now I’m just going to write here… again.

    It’s almost midnight, but I just got home and wanted to write a little something before I crash. I went to a baby shower for two friends who are due on the exact same day tonight. It was very laid back, the food was delicious so naturally I ate too much (and regret nothing) and the company was wonderful. (I did break my sugar fast and had a piece of cake with everyone. It was magical.)

    For most of the night we sat around the eight of us sat around the dining room table swapping stories about babies and labor and not sleeping and all the other magical things that come with childbirth. Thankfully it’s a second baby for both friends… there was no holding back tonight. haha

    It just felt so good to talk and laugh like that. At one point my friend started imitating the moaning she heard down the hall from her room when she was in labor with her last hall, and I almost wet my pants I was laughing so hard. I’m so tired, but I’m so glad that I have friends who make me laugh that hard.

    I really feel at home here. I like it.

  • I’m on my phone and this is weird.

    My wifi has somehow blocked WordPress and won’t let me access it. I can get it on my phone, but not my computer which is mildly frustrating. So, here I am, attempting to get a post out to you with two fingers on my phone instead of my lovely, lovely laptop. I need my tech savvy handsome husband to figure it out for me… but he’s upstairs reading and I don’t want to drag him away.

    So I’ll think about that tomorrow.

    I feel like this whole day just got away from me. It was a really good day, just totally non stop. I kept the kids home from school to do something fun, but also because it just really seemed like they needed it. We’ve had a couple of busy days + activities in the evenings and I could see that S & H were dragging. It was nice to let them “sleep in” a little today and not have to rush out to school.

    (By “sleep in” I of course mean that H slept until *almost* 7am. It was magical.)

    I’m going to tell you about our morning adventure tomorrow when I can actually type, and it’s worth it’s own post anyway.

    I spent the afternoon going through every photo we’ve taken in the last year and getting an order ready to send in. I am the worst at updating pictures once they are up on the walls in frames, but I’ll try and do it every year or so. Right now it looks like we love S & H more than P, but I’m just bad and haven’t added new photos in. I haaaate doing it, but love when it’s done.

    Tonight was a whirlwind of making dinner, bathing the kids, practicing reading with S and tidying the house. M was out at an appointment, so I was on a solo mission until he got home at 7:40.

    …at which point I had to rush out the door to a meeting for the women’s organization I help with at church. I didn’t get home until after 10, which brings me to now. Slightly fried but happy after a busy but mostly successful day. Right now I’m trying to muster up the energy to get off the couch and go take my makeup off. I know I can do it, but my body just wants to fold over and sleep where I sit.

    *Sigh* Life is hard, friends.

    Hopefully my blog will be fixed tomorrow. Writing on my phone feels weird.

  • Dairy Free Advent Calendar Hack*

    I love advent calendars.

    I have several all throughout my house–a snowman whose nose moves around like a clock, a Santa with a candy cane that moves each day of the month, a felt Christmas tree with decorations… and of course, I’ve always had a chocolate one. As a kid, I loved running down the stairs in the morning, looking for the door with the right number, popping out the chocolate then trying to decipher which holiday symbol it was from the vague chocolate mold.

    We used to do them for the kids, but with the onset of their dairy sensitivities, the usual chocolate advent calendars are off the table. I still wanted them to be able to hunt for the right door and have a treat calendar, so I thought I’d just pop over to the store and pick up a non-chocolate one.


    I found advent calendars with every kind of chocolate under the sun–Lindor, Kinder, Reeces, Hershey–but no candy based ones. I thought for sure I’d find one with Swedish berries or fuzzy peaches, but apparently this is not a thing. I couldn’t bear the thought of seeing the look of disappointment on their faces if I had to tell them they couldn’t have their advent calendars this year… so I decided to get creative.

    If I couldn’t buy a chocolate-free calendar, I’d make one.

    I picked up two of the cheap $1 chocolate calendars and a tub of gummy bears from Walmart, then went home and got to work. I carefully opened the top and slid out the tray of chocolates.













    Then I popped them all out and tossed them in a container so that the tray was totally empty, like this:













    Then I put a gummy bear in each of the slots, slid the tray back in and resealed the top. Voila! Two homemade dairy free advent calendars for my dairy free babies.












    It was WAY easier then I thought it would be. I had both calendars done in less than 15 minutes, and the kids were SO excited to see them on top of the fridge when they got home from school. I feel so badly that there’s already so many treats and foods they can’t eat, so I’m glad that I could at least preserve this for them.

    Just three more sleeps until they get to find their first door! How is it almost December already?!



  • I used to be able to stay up late…

    Its 10:28pm, and I’m only just now sitting down for a half a minute before I crawl into bed.

    I wanted to write this afternoon, but this entire day just got away from me. I took the kids to school this morning, then came home for a quick whirlwind clean. I got through the living room and one bathroom before I heard a knock on my door… one of my favourite neighbours popped in for a quick chat on her way by and it was so lovely.

    Can I just say that I love living in a place where I have lovely neighbours that pop by for no reason other than to just say hi? I love that.

    Just as she was leaving my doorbell rang, and my friend arrived with her two year old daughter, A. I had offered to watch her while she went to an appointment, so A, P and I had a non-stop hour of dance parties, tea parties, playing trucks and snacks. P & A are only a month apart, so it was really fun to watch him interact with her.

    My friend came back a little before noon to pick A up, and after a quick visit she left and I went into lunch mode. P watched a show while I tried to throw something together. Thirty minutes later he was full and in bed for a nap, and I faced a decision: write in my blog or wash my floors. I really wanted to write, but my floors really wanted to be washed. P had walked around the kitchen shaking his apple juice cup like a maraca, so there were all these really lovely little sticky spots everywhere. So, so nice.

    I cleaned the kitchen, washed the floors throughout my main floor, ate lunch… and then it was time to wake him up. We made a mad dash to the grocery store to get the food I should have gone to get yesterday but didn’t because it was so gross and rainy.

    I should have just gone yesterday.

    I rushed around the store only to get stuck in the world’s slowest check-out line. I did my best to be polite and hold my eye rolling to a minimum, but I swear the woman ahead of me bought the entire store. Then she divided it onto both sides of the bagging area while she put it in her bags, preventing the cashier from ringing my things through. I mean….


    I was late leaving, had to rush across town to get S & H from school and managed to run into the schoolyard just as the bell was ringing. Then it was a rush to get the groceries put away and start dinner, then a rush to get the kids to eat so that we could go out and do a family activity. I want to write an entire post on this tomorrow, my brain is already asleep and I don’t think I could put my thoughts together very well tonight.

    As I was trying to get through dinner, my phone rang. It was work, sending me to a new school tomorrow… it will be the furthest I’ve had to drive AND the earliest start time. So, in addition to all the regular rush to get through the meal and out the door, I began adding in the night-before-work-prep to the mix.

    Somehow it all got done. We went out and had a nice time together, the kids got bathed and into bed, S and I read together, my house is tidy, the lunches are packed, the clothes are laid out for tomorrow and I’m showered and ready for my mad dash to get ready for work and out the door by 7:20am tomorrow. (Hold me.) I’m about ready to pass out, but all the things I needed to get done got done. So, that’s a win.

    Even though this entire day felt like a rush (because it was) I actually feel really good about it. I got a lot done today, and we still managed to get out as a family. And now, to bed. So tired.

  • I Need Help*

    A picture came up in my Timehop app today.

    It was the first post I made last year committing to going off sugar and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s just a shot of me in a semi fitted shirt and skirt before heading out to church. I remember how I felt that day. I remember really looking at myself that morning– looking at how much my body has changed since having kids; looking at the parts I loved, and the parts I didn’t love quite as much. I remember feeling ready to do something about it.

    I feel very much the same way now. I did really well for three or four months last year. Then I started my second specialist course and P stopped sleeping and old habits creeped back in. The gains I had made and the weight I had lost came back like old friends and have been hanging around ever since.

    Looking at the photo brought up some mixed emotions for me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit frustrated that I am back in almost the exact same place a year later–that the weight I worked so hard to lose just won’t stay lost. But at the same time, seeing that photo made me feel more determined than ever because I know that I can do it… I did it before. I’ve been mostly off sugar for two weeks now. I’ve had a few slips ups, and my motivation was weaker last week, but I restarted again today. I think the problem before was that I didn’t have a concrete goal. In September I set a goal to write every day for the entire month. Having the end date really motivated me… even if I keep extending it. ;)

    So, I am going to stay off sugar for one month. I did it with writing, I can do it with this.

    …I also need some help.

    I had a long chat with my osteopath on Thursday night. I’ve tried a few short workouts and my hips just aren’t strong enough for me to do them yet. I’ve been back and forth about trying Beachbody for a year now, but I don’t feel strong enough to commit to it just yet. If I do too much my hips go out… and I’m reluctant to spend money on it when I’m not sure that I can even use it yet. He gave me some more strengthening exercises to try, and told me to try something more low impact if I want to try working out. The areas I want  / need to target are my thighs, core and the “junk in my trunk”. It’s all weak from having three babies back to back. I’m being very real when I say that I have never really worked out in my life. I was naturally athletic as a kid, and all I’ve ever done in my adult years is run. Now that running is off the table, I feel like I’m in this foreign territory and I don’t know the language.

    I’d love to know what to do to help slim my thighs a bit and strengthen my core and glutes. I can’t really do a “workout” as my body just can’t sustain it right now, but rather a list of suggestions for separate exercises that I could do to get started. My list from the Osteo includes squats and planks, as well as a series of stretches to target my weakest areas. A gym membership isn’t really in the cards for me right now, so I am hoping to be able to do as much as I can from home.

    I feel so awkward asking this, but Google is a vast expanse place and every website has different suggestions. I’m so lost, but I know I’ll never get anywhere if I don’t get over myself and admit that I need help.

    So… I’m just a girl, standing in front of the internet, asking you to help me.

    (Bonus points if you get the movie reference!)

    I’m off to go do some squats or something.

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