Things I am thinking…

…I’m so behind on all my shows. Which show do I need to catch up on first?

….catching your finger between a piano and a door is not fun.

…neither is typing with a swollen, bruised finger.

…I know some pretty amazing people.

…I’m kind of in love with my summer of dresses project. I’m SO excited to introduce to the upcoming features!!

…it’s pouring rain outside. I love the way it sounds.

…it’s only Wednesday. How is this possible?

…I still have toys all over my living room. I wish my niece was still here to play with them.

…I’m tired.

…still need to start running. How do people find the time to do everything?

…Pillars of the Earth is amazing, even the second time around.

…people who waste opportunities bother me.

…Scotty won American Idol? Really?

…I love my house!

…I have the “I-need-to-do-something-new-with-my-hair” itch again.

…I never thought that I’d ever crave time to just be at home. Now it’s my favourite thing.

…my eyes close when I yawn.

…bed time.

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