Two minutes ago I submitted my final assignment for my course.

For the last four days I have been working on a one-hour professional development workshop for my colleagues. It had to be designed in a way that anyone could pick up the workshop and present it based on the outline and details I wrote.

I was so stressed out this morning–I wanted to get it done today and when I didn’t have a call for work by 7:30 I assumed I’d have the day off.

…then (of course) the phone rang at 7:35. I was very grateful for the work, but not grateful for the loss of homework time. I even took my laptop to work with me so that I could work on my presentation on my prep.

…but of course I didn’t have a prep today. *sigh* (or a lunch for that matter. crazy day.)

So, I got home at 3pm and have been glued to my computer ever since. Slowly but surely I waded my way through…

Power point. (check!)

Outline and description. (check!)

Videos. (check!)

Activity outline. (check!)

Handouts. (check!)

Evaluation. (check!)

Reflection. (check!)


Oh my goodness. I feel so giddy. That’s probably due to the stress and lack of sleep over the last four months, but right now it just feels good.

Ah. :)


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