• Chocolate Free Since Aug. 23*

    …of 2008.

    That’s right lovelies–today I have been Chocolate-Free for an entire year. I’ll pause for a minute to let that sink in.


    Annnnnnd I’m back. haha! A year ago I decided that I needed to change my diet as I was running 3 – 5km every day but still wasn’t losing any weight. At the time Spart had also decided to forgo chocolate, so I decided to do it with her, thinking it might help.

    …the first week I stopped eating it I lost 3lbs. *hangs head in shame*

    I’m not sure how much I was eating back then, but it was a lot. I was full-on chocoholic that needed rehab.

    I decided to go cold-turkey instead. No more chocolate cake. No more chocolate chip cookies. no more brownies. *sob* No more chocolate cheesecake. Nothing.

    I woke up one day, decided enough was enough, and have not tasted chocolate in it’s solid form in a year. I say “solid” as I have had a few hot chocolates over the course of the year. When you don’t drink coffee or tea your list of hot drinks becomes rather limited on cold days (we get a few of those up here in Canada) and many Tim Horton’s still don’t carry Hot Apple Cider. But I was never addicted to hot chocolate so it didn’t make me miss it at all.

    The first day was agony. The first week was difficult. The second week was challenging, but by the third week I was okay. And now, 12 months later, I don’t crave it at all. Sure, I love the smell of something chocolate baking in the oven, but that “I’m going to die if I don’t taste that” feeling is gone now. I like that.

    So for weeks as this anniversary was approaching I was faced with what to do next. My original goal was to see if I could last a year, and, to my own surprise, I actually made it. haha! So what now? For a while I wasn’t sure if I wanted to eat it again… could I better control how much I was eating?

    I think so, or at least I want to try. I’ve decided that I am going to start eating it again, but with a few personal guidelines attached:

    1. I can only eat it on days I go to the gym.
    The Hubs and I recently joined a gym together and he’s been helping whip my body into shape. I don’t want to wreck it with poor eating habits, so on days that I work out, I can have chocolate.

    2. No chocolate bars.
    I used to be terrible for grabbing a chocolate bar on my way out of a store to eat on the way home. I’ve completely stopped this habit, and I don’t miss it. If I’m going to eat chocolate, it’s going to be GOOD chocolate. Like my mom’s turtle cake. (oh my gosh SO GOOD)

    3. Eat in moderation.
    I’m pretty sure that no one really needs to eat 3 large brownies after a meal. One will do for me.

    4. Watch the scale.
    If I begin gaining weight, it’s gone again. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that I don’t need it.

    …it’s just dang good.

    So those are my new “chocolate rules”, and I’ll keep you posted. I’ve decided to wait until September 1st to taste it again, and now comes the fun part–deciding what my first taste of chocolate should be!!!!

    Any suggestions?? ;)

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