• Jogging Pants Are Not Dress Clothes*

    First things first–a huge THANK YOU to the lovely Karen from A Peek at Karen’s World for featuring me on her blog this week! Go on over and take a peek–I feel special. :)

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    Yesterday I made my way into the City to see a live production of The Sound of Music and… oh. It was AMAZING. My family has always loved the Sound of Music, as is evident by our recurring choice of “The Sound of Music” pose for family photos. This is a photo from the movie:

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    Annnnnnd my family. haha (Clicking pictures will magically make them bigger and clearer. Who knew??)

    I bet each of us could sing every song from the musical. We were only one kid short from being our own Von Trapp family, but I don’t think Teep would appreciate being little Gretel. haha!

    Choppy is super brother and organized the outing, and Mom, Peeah (& baby that is due in TWO WEEKS!), Spart, Choppy & I went to see it together. When I looked in the program and saw that we were seeing an understudy for Maria I was quite disappointed… but the moment she opened her mouth to sing my jaw hit the floor. She was phenomenal! Mind you, my experience with understudies is a little tainted after seeing Paul Stanley perform as the understudy for Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. (Who in their right mind would allow a singer from KISS be the Phantom?!?!) After hearing Colm Wilkinson there is no other Phantom.

    See what I mean? Anyway, I digress. The female cast of The Sound of Music was wonderful, but I found the men to be lacking a bit. I mean, after you’ve seen Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp, is there really anyone else?? (The correct answer is… no.)

    I love the theatre… but sadly things are changing. Don’t you think it would be wonderful if going to the theatre was still a social event?? Where ladies and gentlemen dressed their finest to attend a play or musical?

    *sigh* I love idea of putting on a fabulous dress and going out… unfortunately, these days you’d be terribly out of place. Yesterday I donned a cute summer skirt and top hoping that it would be dressy enough (yes, I hold on to my ideals) only to be terribly disappointed when I saw two girls wearing clothes that led me to believe they had come straight to the theatre from the gym. They had on puma running shoes, tight black jogging pants, and t-shirts.

    I kid you not.

    I get that people don’t’ dress to the nines to see a musical anymore, but ladies, this brings me to discuss something I’ve wanted to for some time–Lululemon jogging pants are not dress clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I heart Lululemon with great hearting. That is also another secret motivator I have to keep running… when I reach my goal weight or pant size my reward to myself is going to be a pair of Lululemon pants and I shall model them for you here. haha! However, I can promise you that you will never see me wearing them to a dressy event.


    I may not bust out my formal wear and diamonds (Okay, okay… I only have one diamond… wanna fix that for me Hubs?? :) ) but I will try my darndest to look fabulous if I’m going out to such an event. Anyway, enough of my tangent. I love musicals, and The Sound of Music was great. If you are in or around Toronto you should absolutely go and see it. It’s worth every penny!!

    And now, because I love you (and musicals) I’m going to leave you with my favourite clip EVER. I could actually devote an entire post to my love of Les Miserables (and I probably will… deal with it. ha) but for now I will leave you with One Day More. If you are ever going to watch a video I post, watch this one. Seriously. Or else. I’m not sure what else, but something. You know.

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