• I Did It!!

    As I sit down at my desk with my laptop to write I can’t help but shift my eyes to the window every three seconds to watch the snow. For the first time in a long time, I actually think that the snow looks really really pretty. It’s not blowing sideways and it isn’t so thick that I can’t see the buildings across the street. There are just these enormous flakes falling, gently covering absolutely everything in an endless sea of white. It looks like Christmas snow. :)

    Well, it’s January 31st, and this is my 34th post for the month! This is the first time in my 3 years of blogging that I have written every day… and I actually really really enjoyed it. The number of people visiting my blog each day rose exponentially compared to last month, and I went from having three blog followers to 11! (Thank you!!!!!!) So, onto month #2!

    Also, I have a confession… remember that shoe sale I told you about? And how I bought some teacher shoes?


    I BOUGHT MORE. :) Okay, seriously… how could I not? Some of the shoes were marked down 50 – 75% off, and shipping is FREE until February 1st. I bought two more pairs of teacher shoes (very practical, I promise) and some oh-so-fun knee high black boots that I have been looking for forever!! (Ask the Hubs, he’s been dragged into many a shoe store over the past few months…) And the best part? I got all four pairs for less than the original price of the boots.

    *Insert excited shoe dance here!*

    Anyway, if you haven’t looked yet you totally should… CLICK HERE! I’ve actually had several people tell me they went on and bought shoes because the deals were so ridiculous… so, tell me! Did you buy any?? If so, what did you buy?? I also created a lil poll over there on the sidebar out of curiosity. After the 5th person approached me at school to tell me they bought shoes I got curious. :)

    Tomorrow is February. That is INSANE. I swear yesterday was August and I was starting teacher’s college, and here I am, three quarters of the way through. I hope to spend tonight getting prepared (aka: trying to find ways to keep the Grade 7’s I’ll be teaching from eating me alive). I can’t believe it’s finally here… Shop Girl the student is no more–I’ll be Teacher Shop Girl from now until mid-May! WOOOO!!!!

    Should I continue my daily blogging?
    Absolutely. I love it!
    Sure, why not.
    Meh, I guess.
    No… I’m bored.
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    Shop Girl*
  • No More Teachers, No More Books*

    Well, I’m about 20 minutes late–but technically it’ still today for me so I’m counting it as my daily post. :)

    I’m absolutely exhausted (I actually fell asleep on the futon and just woke up) but today was my very last day of teachers college classes. The past 5 months have been utterly exhausting and stressful…

    …but also absolutely wonderful.

    I’ve grown in ways I didn’t know possible and have learned so much. I can’t believe it flew by so quickly! On Monday I begin teaching Grade 7… eek!

    Wish me luck!

    Shop Girl*

    P.s. Happy birthday K & Miss Gentle Nudge!!!!

  • Did You Know?

    I watched this in one of my classes this week and it blew my mind.


    Shop Girl*


    I love shoes.

    This may come as a surprise to you, considering my oh, so subtle blog name. I don’t write about them very often anymore as I am a poor student and I can’t afford to buy all the pretty shoes I’d like to. *sigh* Before I started university I was a shoe-a-holic. I owned nearly 100 pairs of shoes in every shape and color. I collected them. I needed them. The fact that I worked in a shoe store and got ah-mazing deals was also quite the bonus. :)

    …but then I moved away for school and I started buying books instead of shoes. And I outgrew some of the styles and brands, so my collection has diminished significantly and changed over the past four years. Instead of really fun pink boots, I am now buying practical teacher shoes.

    As you know, I’ve been shopping for new teacher shoes for quite some time. I broke my black shoes (heart breaking) in November, so I desperately needed new ones as I begin teaching on… MONDAY. I have been looking everywhere, and today that old saying, “It’s always in the last place you look” came true…

    I bought shoes online.

    I neeeeeever buy things online. I’m only just beginning to buy my books on amazon, as the whole internet shopping thing is still kind of scary for me. ANYWAY. I got this email today from SPC who sometimes send me crap. I rarrrely read it, but today I decided “Hey. What the heck. I have assignments to procrastinate! Let’s read spam! WOO!” (so I read it). And I found something magical.

    Spring shoes are having an INSANE online sale. Tons of shoes are on sale, and shipping is FREE right now!!!!!!!!!!! I bought myself some cute black teacher shoes for FIFTEEN DOLLARS and might have to buy myself some more. Maybe.

    Shop Girl*

  • Log Drivers Waltz

    I love commercials.

    More specifically, I love old commercials. And I love to share them with you. This one was one of my most favourite ever and I hope you love it too.

    Remember this??

    Shop Girl*

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