• Evolution of Dance*

    Ok, somehow I have apparently lived in a box for my entire life and have missed out on viewing this AMAZING video. Hot Rod sent it to me today and my life has been changed forever…

    If you are like me and have never seen it, be prepared to fall in love.

    Shop Girl*

  • The Purple Parka Pandemic*

    If you have an awesome purple winter jacket, then I apologize in advance for what I am about to write. I am not prejudiced against purple jackets, I promise. It’s really also not a pandemic, I just liked the alliteration. haha!

    I ride the bus. A lot. It’s how I get from A to B. And as I’ve been riding the bus over the past several weeks I have noticed something peculiar… for some unknown reason (maybe I missed the memo) there seems to be an influx of purple winter jackets–purple parkas, if you will (I love alliteration!).

    Now let me be clear–I have nothing against the colour purple. It was actually one of the best books I read this summer… HA! Man, I’m funny. Anyway, I digress. I have nothing against purple, but it’s definitely not my favourite colour. I have auburn hair, and it’s just doesn’t go with.. well, me. haha!

    So, as I’ve been out and about my eyes have been overwhelmed by these jackets. And I’m not talking about the purple jackets you see in stores today, the ones I have seen resemble one of the two following photos:(I had to go to ebay to find just the right photos).

    Anyway, was these jackets are primarily worn by the senior population of Senior’s City (which is most of it–HA) and are EVERYWHERE this year. Was there a big purple parka sale that I missed? Or was there a purple parka push a few years ago that I didn’t hear about? These jackets don’t look new…

    I just don’t know where they all came from this year! For example, if I get on my bus , 4 out of 5 women on the bus will be wearing a purple parka that resembles one of the two photos shown above. Frankly, it boggles me.

    Is it this year’s “fad”?

    Purple parkas are taking over the city. Watch out.

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  • Mmmmail*

    I just spent the last several hours getting our Christmas letters ready to mail.. and I am SO excited to send them! My back is killing me and my hand is sore from writing addresses, but I love the letter we’ve written and I enjoy this year’s picture oh, so much more than last year’s.

    I’m not going to post it on here until after this weekend, when I’m hoping most people will have received it. I’m so glad that we started this tradition last year, and hope you’ll love this year’s letter just as much!!

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  • My Productive Unproductive Day*

    I had an extremely exciting day today: …I cleaned my apartment.

    The sad thing is, I’m so not even being sarcastic. haha! I love when things are clean… and my apartment has been a disaster zone for longer than I’m willing to admit. I knew teacher’s college was going to be busy, but nothing prepared me for the volume of coursework and in-class hours. Last week my days were so full I hardly had time to eat, let alone clean, cook, do laundry, or anything else. Thankfully the Hubster is WONDERFUL and has been picking up my slack.

    I still feel like I’m recuperating after getting only 2.5 hours of sleep on Thursday night. It’s funny.. I used to be able to stay up until 4:30 like it was nothing when I lived in the city. Now it’s taking me DAYS to recoup the lost sleep. I am officially old. haha! So, I intended to have a really lazy day and not move at all, buuuut… when I woke up I decided that I could dig out my desk (and floor surrounding my desk) which has been littered with papers and books since October. It took me a long, long time, but I finally feel organized and can finally tell what colour my desk is again. :)

    Well, once the floor had been cleared I thought that maybe I could just vacuum around my desk a little… which lead to vacuuming the entire apartment in every nook and cranny. It took forever, but my floors are lovely now! And then, once I cleared off the desk part, I thought that maybe I could dust it a little… which lead to a super-dusting-frenzy of the rest of the place too. haha!

    And then the cleaning lead to organizing, which is something I’ve wanted to do for months. My classes are all separated, the paperwork is filed, the books are on shelves, and it’s all tucked away ready for when I go back in 3 weeks.

    Anyway, my relaxing day turned into a super-productive day where I was able to do a million things I haven’t had time to do in months. I heart clean. :)

    So, the moral of this story is: if you want to have a relaxing day, don’t clean your desk.

    Shop Girl*

    P.s. New exercise post!!

  • Still Alive*

    Every bone in my body is completely and utterly exhausted. It has been, by far, the busiest two weeks of the entire year thus far. Let’s recap:

    I am now officially on a much, much needed Christmas break. Somehow I “lucked” out and 75% of my assignment due dates fell in the last two weeks. I had presentations, lesson plans, essays and midterms all due. I handed my last three assignments this afternoon after sleeping only 2.5 hours last night…I was up until 4:30am, and up again at 7am trying to get everything done. I feel like my whole body has been run over with a truck, and I am SO looking forward to sleeping tonight. But, I got it all done and am now free and clear for three whole weeks. It still doesn’t feel real–this is my first break since the middle of August.

    Also, I finally learned where my big 10-week placement will be next semester! I was really nervous about this one as many people have been sent out of town with drives over an hour long. BUT, someone up there loves me and I was able to score a placement here in Senior’s City, at the school I originally hoped to be at! WOO! SO excited, and it’s such a huge relief. The Hubster and I are in talks about buying our first vehicle, but it’s a relief to know that we don’t have to get one yet if we decide against it.

    Lastly, part of why I was so busy is that I had to take four days off last weekend to go to B-Town for Peeah’s wedding! That’s right–Peeah is now officially Mrs. Fireman! The Hubs and I rented a car and drove up last Thursday so I could be there to help out in any/every way that I could. Every day was insanely busy, and after a bit of stress it all turned out beautifully, and Peeah looked amazing. I’ll post a picture of her and Fireman below this, and tomorrow when I am awake I’ll update my exercise blog and let you all know how my dress diet worked out (I was a bridesmaid)!

    Anyway, I’m sorry I’ve been completely MIA for the past two weeks, but I’ve hardly had time to breathe or sleep, let alone do something that I actually enjoy. So, now that I am on break I shall overwhelm you with posts. Get ready. :)

    (you can click on pictures to enlarge them)
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