• The Glass Door Incident*

    I sometimes like to think of myself as a swan of sorts.

    However, being a swan now means that I was once an ugly duckling… with a bright future of becoming a swan, of course. I was not one of those “prissy” girls that has cared about her appearance since 6 years of age. In fact, I don’t even think I became aware of what my outer appearance looked like to other people until grade 9 or 10. Which is why I allowed myself to wear these glasses and think that they were cool.*sigh* Was I ever that young?

    They were my first pair. I got them just before the beginning of grade 6 when my aunt caught me squinting at the TV. They survived everything. They were lost. They were banged. They were dinged. And they were even run over by the original Vanimal. They were my tank glasses… and I like to blame them for the following incident.

    My grandparents own a time share at a beautiful 5 star resort in Florida. It’s beautiful… there are 15 pools, 2 lakes, basketball courts, tennis courts, mini-golf–you name it, it’s there. The resort is comprised of a number of organized villas that are also beautiful. Inside there is a master bedroom complete with a jacuzzi, a kitchen with laundry, a spacious living room with leather couches and a big screen TV, other bedrooms, a loft, and a balcony. I have been over 10 – 12 times, but I still am excited to be there each and every time I go.

    One year I was a little more excited than others.

    It was the year that Peeah had invited her first “real” boyfriend (Man-With-Two-First-Names) to come with us, and also my first year with my new cool glasses. The drive from the Great White North to where we stay in Florida is roughly 32 hours if you drive straight through without stopping. As we were in a van with 9 people of course this didn’t happen and the trip took 2 or 3 days. Being a 12 year old girl (who happened to have a crush on her older sister’s boyfriend) I was naturally reeeeeeeeally excited to finally arrive at our beautiful, sunny destination.

    When we entered the city, I was excited. When we drove through the entrance to the resort, I was bouncing. When we exited the Vanimal and walked towards our villa, I was skipping. This was Man-With-Two-First-Names’ first time to the resort with us, and I had decided that I would be his personal tour guide. As we walked into the villa we were joined by several members of our extended family who also come down to enjoy the time share. It’s like a mini-family-reunion of sorts.

    As we filed through the doors into the villa, I immediately scanned the villa for the coolest thing to show him. Living room? Nah. Loft? Nah. Balcony with a great view? YES. After making my way inside, I began skipping/running as fast as I could toward this balcony… lured by the view of sparkling pool water and sunshine. So, I’m run-skipping toward this balcony singing,

    “We’re here! We’re here! We’re…” *BAM*

    I could feel the closed glass door shaking and vibrating as my face slid down toward the floor. As I lay in a heap on the floor those watching burst into laughter (after realizing that I hadn’t broken the door or my face) and my mother rushed to my side to help me up. Still slightly confused about what had happened, my mother turned me to face a giant blue sticker that was stuck on the door with my face print beside it. As my face burned with embarrassment, so did my forehead and I ran to the bathroom to discover a goose egg the size of a golf ball quickly forming on my forehead.

    …when I left the bathroom my siblings were already imitating my skip-run to the door complete with face print, which they continue to do to this day. haha! Needless to say, I didn’t win Man-With-Two-First-Names away from Peeah. *sigh*

    In my defense, the doors were really clean. I blame the glasses.

    Shop Girl*

  • I Digg Digsby*

    So. I’ve discovered new things and I want to share. :)

    Let’s start with Facebook. As you may or may not know, I created a facebook “fan page” for my blog a while back. I have since created a facebook account under the name “Shop Girll” as there is more I can do with it, and it’s easier to send out updates!! I would looove it if you would add me!! I love friends, don’t be shy!

    While on the subject of Facebook, those of you that use it should be familiar with its newest feature, “Facebook chat”. I enjoy the concept, but having the little message boxes attached to your screen is really annoying. And I find it hard to read. So, the Hubster introduced me to Digsby! Once it is downloaded (it’s really easy) it can connect into the various chat programs you may use–I frequently use Google Chat, Facebook & MSN–and consolidates it into ONE list. AND, you can chat through facebook without actually being ON facebook. I swear, it changed my life. haha!

    You also may have noticed the little yellow boxes that now appear beside my blog posts. The Hubster, being the technological wonderman that he is, also introduced me to Digg.com, which I LOOOOOOOVE. Imagine thousands of interesting articles, videos and photographs all going to ONE place for your reading pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen, this place exists! And it’s Digg! Just go. Click on the link and explore. My words cannot do it justice. Once you have made an account (which you will because it’s free and WAY cool), look me up & add me! My username is ShopGirll. Also, if you particularly like once of my posts, you can click on those yellow boxes on my page and it will submit it to the site to be shared with other Digg-ers. Ya digg it?

    So these are my new discoveries. I hope you take a look– they are pretty cool. Life changing even. Now I’m going back to read more of one of the BEST books I have ever read. I cannot put it down. I’ll write about it once I finish. :)

    Shop Girl*

  • Chapter Eighteen* …Any News?

    This is the story of how the Hubster and I met, fell in love, and were married within 8 months…

    …and lived happily ever after*

    After being “reprimanded” by several devoted readers for the short length of the last chapter, Here you go…

    Sometimes when I go back and reread the chapters that I’ve already written even I am amazed at how fast my relationship with the Hubster moved. In 23 days we progressed from a shy hello to “I love you” while he was working full time and I was in my first year of university. While I was living it it seemed perfectly natural… I can now better understand many of the shocked reactions I received when I announced my engagement… but we’re not there yet. ;)

    Adding “I love you” to our relationship seemed to push things into warp speed. The next 9 days flew by in a whirlwind of new love. Having already had that first scary discussion about marriage (which in fact turned out to be not so scary with him) we knew that we’d have some pretty big decisions to make in the future about our future. We decided to take a trip to the temple to allow ourselves some time for reflection. I will forever remember the ride there… it was just the two of us in the car, listening to some country station, and for the first time I actually felt what it might be like to be married to him. As we were driving we both settled into our own thoughts and it struck me just how… normal everything felt. That might sound odd, but several of my past relationships were so full of drama that I often missed out on that “comfortable” feeling that relationships tend to settle into. Driving with him I had a glimpse of what it might be like doing every day things together… going for groceries, driving to church, or running errands, and I loved the feeling I had. I looked over at him while he was driving and could actually picture a life with him… a happy life. I liked it.

    However, apparently I wasn’t the only one who seemed to notice that the possibility of the Hubster and I building a life together was a real possibility. My mother noticed first. Since leaving the womb I have always been a Daddy’s girl. My Dad and I just understand each other and we’re very much alike. But my Mom and I have a connection that almost spooks me sometimes… she knows me inside and out. It’s like we’re on the same wavelength… once, after a family tragedy a couple of years ago, I had been brave for several days until my body registered what had just happened and I broke down. I had been in the basement looking for something while throngs of people were upstairs and I began to shake and sob uncontrollably. I was a mess, to say the least. I couldn’t go upstairs because of all the people, and I couldn’t be alone. So I hid in a corner and sobbed wishing that my mom were there. Within 3 minutes she found me in my hiding spot and held me until I was okay. To this day I don’t know how she knew where I was or that I needed her as I didn’t tell her where I was going and hearing me would have been impossible, but she found me. A mother’s intuition I guess. :)

    Anyway. My mother had seen me through the men in my life, but I think she always suspected that this one was different. She had only met him once, but she surprised me by asking why the Hubster was different from the other (many) 3-week relationships I had had in the previous 2 years. I knew that she was a little worried that I was moving too fast, but I could tell that she was also aware that there was something different between the Hubster and I.

    My Dad was next. While I was living in the city my Dad would often pop in to say hi as he was passing through for work. One night he popped in and chatted with me about the Hubs. He relayed some of my mother’s concerns to me, but also told me that he knew that I wouldn’t do anything that I wasn’t sure about. He also knew that they didn’t really have a leg to stand on as my Mom and Dad only knew each other for 6 weeks before getting engaged… and now, more than 30 years later they are still more in love than ever.

    Next came the relatives. We went back to B-town for Peeah’s birthday party and a snow tubing adventure. Quite a few members of my extended family were tubing with us… my Dad has 4 brothers and 3 sisters, and, like my Dad, they all have a hilarious sense of humour and like to know EVERYTHING that’s going on in the family. Once my Auntie Moosey (who I’m close with) got wind that I was not only dating someone, but had brought him home to meet the family, she made sure to come over and meet us on the hill with the following question:

    “Sooo… any neeews? Is there anything I should know about and be helping to plan? Hmm??”

    The Hubster was mortified. haha! It was his first experience with Auntie Moosey, and certainly wasn’t his last. Until he put the ring on my finger she made sure to ask us if there was “any news” each and every time she saw us. haha!!Needless to say, he survived my family and is now just “one of the gang” and fits right in.

    The following Friday was the FERP dance (remember his cute invitation??) and I spent HOURS getting ready… I wanted to look PERFECT. I curled my hair and put it up:And I wore a long, crimson red skirt with high black heels and a black top. :) However, as the weather was REALLY bad that night, we ended up enjoying a long dinner together at the Keg, and only made a brief appearance at the dance. We did take our very first picture together, and even now it’s one of my absolute favourites!!
    We happily dated through the end of February and into March… and March turned out to be a rather exciting month. :)

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  • Back in Business*

    We are back in business!!

    I don’t know how many of you noticed, but my little blog was broken for most of the weekend, hence my lack of posting. The main page was the only thing that was working, all my links were busted. *sigh* However, we should be completely up and running at 100% today!

    My weekend minus my Hubs was (happily) cut short– he came home a night early and surprised me. :) I did survive my night alone though… after scaring myself silly with all the noises in my building I fell asleep with You’ve Got Mail, the phone in my hand and a chair propped underneath the door handle. hahah I know. I’m a sap.

    I also have some thoughts, and I’d really love your opinion before pressing foward…

    I’m planning on posting Chapter 18 tonight or tomorrow. The story will progress much more quickly now that we’re past the “I love yous”. I’m really only a couple of chapters away from the proposal chapter! So I had a question… are you sick of it yet? Do you want it to end there, or are you curious to know our wedding planning details / tips / tricks, or about the actual wedding day itself?

    Shop Girl*

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  • Sleepless in Senior’s City*

    Can you guess what movie I’m watching? :)

    I needed a feel good movie tonight… I JUST finished watching The Thorn Birds, and even though the mini-series isn’t nearly as good as the book (which is AMAZING–if you haven’t read it, GO NOW AND FIND IT) and even though the acting was terrible, I still bawled at the ending. Like tears rolling down the cheeks, heavy breathing, kleenex grabbing bawling… it was so moving.

    It also didn’t help that the Hubster is off on an adventure this weekend and I’m on my own… so I decided to bond with Tom and Meg. I love this movie more than life itself. I’ve seen it a hundred million times and it’s still wonderful each and every time.

    It’s kind of weird being on my own… it makes me think about life in first year when I lived by myself and what I used to do to occupy myself late at night. I never ever went to bed early… I used to watch movies, stayed on MSN until all hours, and I used to talk on the phone. I’m just so used to having him here to bug and keep me company… it’s so quiet without him.

    Hubs, I love you. Come back soon. haha

    Shop Girl*

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