• Bus Driver Buddies*

    This may sound odd to some of you, but I have some bus driver buddies. I have always been polite to bus drivers / transit workers, but after living in the city, there weren’t really opportunities to chat with drivers as a) the buses were so packed that it wasn’t possible, b) the drivers simply weren’t very pleasant, or c) because transit was wonnnnnderful in the city, you were rarely on one bus for very long before switching or reaching your destination.

    Now that I’m in my sleepy little Senior’s City where the buses only run every 40 minutes and you see the same bus driver every day, we’ve become “buddies”. Let me explain: now that I am working 2 jobs and am still in school full time I am on the bus a lot as I move from A to B.

    My first bus driver buddy was a sweet little old Italian man named “George”. He’s very sweet and nice to everyone that gets on his bus. At first he would give me a big smile and a hello every time I got on, then it evolved to, “Hiya Sweetheart! Good to see you!”, until I sat at the front one day and he just started to chat and told me all about his bus driving adventures. Now whenever I see him (on or off the bus) he stops and says hello and asks me all about what’s going on in my world. He’s really a very cute old man. :)

    Then in the fall I met “Don”. For a while, it seemed like every time I got on the bus to head to school Don was driving. At first he just said “Hi” when I’d get on the bus, but as soon as it became clear that he was driving me at least 3 or 4 times a week he started to chat. He’s a younger guy, and a few generic talks about the weather and life in general he started talking to me about dating.

    I need to add in a side note here: since getting married nearly 3 years ago now, all of my non-married male friends now assume that I must be some kind of a relationship “guru” because I am married. As a result, I am often hunted down for “woman advice”.

    So. Early on in our conversations I told Don that I was married and gave him the whole story (he was fascinated that I had gotten married so young) and he explained that he was just recently separated and had just entered the dating world for the first time in 15 years. He had just started dating someone, and immediately he began coming to me for advice. haha! Now, whenever he’s driving the bus I’m on, he talks to me about his girlfriend and asks for my advice because surely I must have the answers because I’m happily married. The Hubster thinks it’s hilarious that a bus driver, quite a few years my senior, comes to me for relationship advice. I’m not going to lie, I also think it’s a hoot!! hahah!

    I often get funny looks from other passengers when the bus drivers start chatting with me. I can often get on now without needing to show my card or pay because they know me by face / name. It was really bizarre for me at first–in the city being buddies with bus drivers just didn’t happen. You got on the bus, you stood like sardines on the bus, you got off the bus. Thats it. It is kind of nice though.. as I am on the bus by myself so often it’s nice to see a friendly face (and ride for free when I forget my student card!! haha).

    So, you should try being buddies with your driver sometime. Bus drivers are often really nice people.

    Shop Girl*

  • Chapter Eight* The First Kiss

    This is the story of how my husband and I met, got engaged, and were married within 8 months…

    …and lived happily ever after*

    Well, several of you were not impressed with how I left the ending of my last post… haha! I was sorely tempted to maybe just it be for a week or so and see what you thought… :) Before I begin this entry though, I’m curious… for those of you who are reading, are you enjoying it? Am I posting about it too frequently? Should I space out these entries? I’d love to know your thoughts– I’d hate to think I was boring you to tears!!
    So, I invited him inside… and he said yes. Luckily all of my roommates were either in their rooms or were out for the night, so we had the living room to ourselves. It was already quite late, so I didn’t expect him to stay long. But we sat down on the couch to talk and I flipped on the TV for background noise. Over the next half an hour or so we slowly moved closer together so that first we were close… then our knees were touching… then his arm was around me and and he pulled me close. Even though I pretended to play it cool, I was positively dancing inside. I can still remember how my stomach was flip flopping and was absolutely FULL of butterflies as he pulled me close into his chest. We sat like this and flipped through the channels trying to find something fun to watch, but obviously as it was after midnight there was nothing good on. We finally found some terrible movie (that I later learned was Midnight Run) and only half paid attention.

    My mind was spinning… we were cuddling, holding hands and had just had the most perfect date… would he try and kiss me? Would he think I was a hussy if I let him? Should I let him? What if he doesn’t? What if he only wants NCMO? (**Non Committal Make-Out… hahahaha) I didn’t know what to think.

    When it became clear that neither of us were interested in the movie, we sat and talked quietly about this and that. We were sitting side by side and I was half curled up in his arm and chest. I turned to face him for a minute and he came in for a kiss and caught me off guard…

    …and missed.

    Before I understood what he was doing I had moved my head and instead of my mouth he ended up kissing my chin. It was so cute and sweet (and a little funny) that I decided not to be a prude and to let him try again and we had the most amazing first kiss… it was one of those head-in-the-clouds-heart-pounding-knees-melting-toes tingling kisses that you wait your whole life for. He held me tightly and kissed me again and I knew I was done for… he had me: hook, line, and sinker.

    He didn’t stay much longer after that as he had to work early the next morning, so we walked to my doorway and he took me in his arms one more time, and then he was gone. I’m pretty sure I stood standing in my doorway with the BIGGEST smile on my face for the next few minutes before waltzing back into my little house. If you have ever seen My Fair Lady, the scene where Eliza is dancing and singing “I Could Have Danced All Night” pretty much sums up my reaction.

    As I climbed into bed (absolutely wide awake) my mind replayed the events of the evening… the perfect dinner, our first dance together, our first KISS… my heart started racing all over again. He certainly acted like he liked me… and from what I had seen he was a very genuine person. But I, being a woman, still had a shed of self-doubt… what if he doesn’t call?

    And so, after my heart stopped beating a million miles a minute I fell asleep replaying the kiss over in my mind…

    And then I waited for him to call…

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